About Us & Services

About Us

Clauza Brevis Lex is a company active in the business advisory services based in Timisoara, but undertaking different projects throughout the country.
It consists of a dynamic and young team of legal counselors and expert consultants offering an integrated and adapted range of services, based on the needs of clients represented by companies and organizations.
We distinguish ourselves by using a pragmatic, result-oriented approach and our commitment to understand the commercial interests of our clients.
We offer legal services in numerous fields of practice addressing Romanian, as well as foreign companies.
We are committed to offering a high-level professional competence and we communicate in various international languages, particularly German, English, Italian, Spanish and French.


Business Advice:

  • Registration of LLCs, JSCs, Self-Employed, Family Owned and Operated Companies, Sole Proprietorships
  • TRO amendments ( change/extension of offices, opening/closing of operating point, NACE Code activity authorization, share capital increase/reduction, suspension of activity etc.),
  • Dissolution / liquidation / cancellation of LLCs, JSCs, Self-Employed, Family Owned and Operated Companies, Sole Proprietorships,
  • Information (Confirmation of Company Details, Trade Register Information and copies of certificates, Information Extracted from the Bulletin of Insolvency Proceedings)
  • Business plan drafting and business presentation within the specific market sector

Legal Advice and Court Representation:

  • Advice and representation in civil trials
  • Advice and representation in criminal trials
  • Advice and representation in relation to occupational disputes
  • Advice and general assistance, drafting of legal documentation

Authorization, approval, public body interface:

  • Obtaining the approvals, certificates and authorizations necessary for the business
  • Registration of trademarks, drawings and templates, invention patents with SOIT
  • Advice, documentation and provision of services related to the drafting and application of projects

Company Law

  • Specific provisions for company incorporations
  • Partnership agreement and other specific documents related to the incorporation of a company

Association and Foundation Law

  • Setup, modification of the Articles of Incorporation,
  • Approval, obtaining the public utility status, compiling the activity plan
  • Subsidization